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Komuntu 80%


To celebrate their 100th anniversary, Valrhona have created Komuntu 80% for you.

From Valrhona
“Our cocoa-producing partners, suppliers, co-workers and customers, each helped to make this dark chocolate, which symbolizes all the work done over 100 years to make the world a better place.”

Its name evokes the strong link that binds our collective together, giving a sound and a rhythm to the meaning behind our work. Komuntu is a combination of “Komunumo”, which means “community” in Esperanto, and “Ubuntu”, an African word encapsulating the idea that “I am because we are”.

Because Komuntu is the physical embodiment of Valrhona’s commitment to a fair, sustainable chocolate sector and creative, responsible gastronomy, during our 100th anniversary year they will redistribute profits made to cocoa producers.

Komuntu 80% alone embodies all the expertise of Valrhona’s cocoa sourcers and its blending expertise.

Made from a complex blend of cocoa beans sourced from the four corners of the world, this couverture chocolate represents the special bonds that Valrhona maintains with its 15 cocoa- producing partners. This unique chocolate is the result of a long process which blends beans from different origins, an area of expertise truly unique to Valrhona. Its aromatic profile strikes a true balance between powerful cocoa and harmonious flavors, complementing the existing range of Valrhona couvertures perfectly.

The result is a chocolate with a high cocoa percentage of 80% whose aromatic profile reveals a powerful woody and bitter taste on the palate, supported by notes of roasted cocoa nibs.


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