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Norohy Vanilla


Introducing the Norohy Vanille – the newest addition to our Pastry & Bakery range! At Norohy, they are passionate about vanilla.⁠ Norohy is from “Noro” and “Rohy” in Malagasy (the language from Madagascar) and it means Light and Connection. A perfect illustration of Valrhona’s mission – to create a link between the producers and chefs/consumers to highlight this exceptional product.⁠ The story begins in Madagascar, the present-day home of the vanilla plant. The warm, humid climate in the region and soil that is rich in organic matter makes it ideal for growing vanilla plants.⁠ Norohy is one of the rare Vanilla brands on the Australian market to be certified Organic. This will guarantee an intense flavour and taste of the product/that will elevate your creations from home baking to professional chefs. The Norohy beans are longer than the average beans, each bean weight approx. between 4g and 5g.

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Weight .010 kg