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‘La Nazionale’ Tomato Passata


Perché ci credo – Because I believe in IT”  IT being the excellence of the raw materials cooked in an artisanal way with extra virgin olive oil only and herbs. No preservatives, additives, or artificial colours. Acidified in a natural way, when it is necessary, with natural ingredients such as lemon or orange juice, vinegar or red wine. Founded in 2007 in Lecce Puglia, Perché ci Credo continues to work from the raw, using fresh ingredients, washed, cleaned and cut by hand. Working in small batches in a traditional slow cooking method, allowing the ingredients to mix well together and generate an unparalleled taste and feel.

‘La Nazionale’ Tomato Passata – Made with 99.6% tomatoes and salt, a wonderful base for soups and pasta sauces.

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Weight .500 kg