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Featured Producer: Coomer Truffles


About Coomer Truffles

Anticipated in-store soon… Coomer Truffles are sourced from the scenic cool climate of Manjimup in Western Australia. Nestled in the heart of this picturesque southern forest region, David’s truffle farm grows Tuber Melanosporum, the true French black winter truffle, Perigord genus. Thanks to the region’s climate and nutrient-rich Karri loam soil, we are proud to offer some of Australia’s finest truffle crops.⁠

We place our orders directly with David Coomer and, with his truffle dogs, he heads out to the truffle orchard to hunt out the truffles that are ready for harvesting that day.

More than fifteen years ago, David Coomer planted 1400 hazelnut trees on his family-owned farm. Directly sourced from the orchard, each truffle is meticulously handpicked, while David and the team ensures that every truffle is cleaned, graded, and packed with utmost care, before it embarks on its journey to your plate.⁠

This is a true paddock to plate producer. Picked, graded and packed to your requirements by the grower. The season will start only when the truffles have reached maturity and are at their very best. Never before.⁠

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