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Batch# Ceramics

One of the great loves of my life is throwing clay.
It’s a process I want to complete entirely myself and not hand over to a third party which Is why I don’t offer it on my website.
To me it’s such a personal signature from my hands to yours.

When I first left school in the 80’s I lived and worked in Tokyo for 12 months.
Passionate about all things ceramic and took great interest in the plates and bowls, simple glazes used in Japanese ceramics.

Hand thrown bowls and slabware plates so understated has influenced my work.
I also crave real Japanese food and am always in search of the best Ramen worldwide.

To me the Ramen bowls outside of Japan are never big enough. I want a basin like I remember in the 80’s.

A tub of boiling hot Ramen steaming your face as you eat with a big solid foot ring ensuring the food doesn’t go cold.

A casual comment of how I was about to throw some oversized Ramen bowls for my family sparked a conversation about an exclusive small run for Simon Johnson stores.

The Ramen Bowls are hand thrown by myself from white Raku clay and the 30cm cheese plates made in the traditional slab ware style, add a rustic touch to my Raku small run edition exclusive to Simon Johnson stores Australia wide.

Itadaki Mus (means “now we eat “in Japanese).
One of the great loves of my life is throwing clay.
- Joy Smithers

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