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Exceptional Caviar from ARS Italica®

The Ars Italica® brand express purity, identity and experience of the authentic taste of caviar, a powerful emotion. The sturgeons are grown in the heart of Ticino Park & is a natural link between the aquaculture activity and the territory, in total respect of the environmental context. A valuable ingredient, able to exalt and give extreme pleasure to the most demanding taste buds. Ars Italica caviar is born with the intent of propagating eggs of the species of sturgeon that marry this principle.

Caviar has deep roots in Italy, where it was historically prepared and considered a true delicacy, precious food and a privilege reserved for noble families and popes, especially between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries. Numerous masterpieces of art and protagonists of the Italian Renaissance have preserved and passed on to us the testimony and values of the culture and tradition of Italian Caviar, and is due to these values that Italian Caviar wanted to take inspiration over years with unchanged passion.

Oscietra caviar which is extracted from the Acipenser gueldenstaedtii and was the first species to be farmed since 1998. The Sturgeon are sourced from the heart of the Ticino park in Casanovo, Italy. All species are certified “Globalgap”, “Friend of the Sea” and may be recognized as the “Parco Ticino – Controlled Production” brand.

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