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24A Ralph Street,
Alexandria, NSW
10:30am – 12:30pm Saturday 12th October

Caviar Masterclass – Sydney 12th October 2024

Join us for our next Caviar Masterclass at the SIMON JOHNSON Cooking School, in Alexandria.

Saturday 12th of October 10:30am – 12:30pm “BOOK HERE”

$195pp (caviar masterclass, canapés, champagne & vodka)

Join us at one of our Caviar Masterclasses where our dedicated caviar ambassador will showcase our unique range of caviar. Our Masterclasses include the fascinating history of caviar and its origins, tastings and an insight into the caviar market today, including sustainably sourced caviar from the world’s most famous producers.

Our caviar expert will explain the different varieties of caviar and fish roe with a guided tasting of three types of caviar. You will learn how to taste caviar in the most authentic way, traditionally as the experts do – revealing the subtle differences of each style of caviar to give you an understanding of how to enjoy and select the best product.

Guests can view our caviar re-packing lab and maturation fridge for better understanding of the world of caviar.

Each class includes:

Canapes and champagne on arrival

An introduction to the origins of caviar with insights into the current world production

A traditional caviar tasting to understand some of the different varieties of caviar and fish roe

Guidance on how to recognise quality and select the best

An introduction on how to best pair caviar with food and drinks

Participants will receive 10% off all full retail purchases after the event, please note does not include clearance or sale items.


1. Please notify us of dietary needs, upon booking.

2. Due to the interactive nature of this class, it is not accessible to persons in a wheelchair. 

3. Ticket refunded within 48hrs (excluding Eventbrite booking fees).

For further information please contact us below:
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