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Simon Johnson Quality Foods is the leading provider of Australia's finest range of imported and home grown quality food, offering only products of the highest integrity; sourced from more than 80 producers internationally, committed to using premium raw ingredients.


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Simon Johnson has 5 retail stores located in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

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Cheese of the Month - August

Located in Santpoort-Noord, just outside Amsterdam, Betty and husband Martin started L’Amuse Cheese Shop in 1989, specialising in premium local and international cheeses. Their close connection to small local cheesemakers and meticulous care in maturation have put a spotlight on the super quality of artisan Dutch Gouda. The best known is the cheese that they help to create and bears their name – L’Amuse Signature Gouda. We also range two of their other Gouda’s – the Brabander (a goat’s milk Gouda – a lesser-known variety made in the Netherlands since the early 1800’s) and Rispens (a sheep’s milk Gouda made in north-eastern Freisland).

Our Producers, Artisans & Farmers

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Ars Italica®

Ars Italica® is producing some of the world’s finest Caviars in Ticino park, Cassolnovo, in Italy. View the range online at Simon Johnson Australia.


Based in Wiltshire in the heart of the British countryside and winners of over 170 food awards, Tracklements hand make a range of over 60 artisan condiments, with a selection of delicious flavours available at Simon Johnson.
Quality is my obsession, uniqueness my passion, flavour my primary objective.
- Simon Johnson