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Simon Johnson Quality Foods is the leading provider of Australia’s finest range of imported and home grown quality food, offering only products of the highest integrity; sourced from more than 80 producers internationally, committed to using premium raw ingredients.

Our Producers

The story of Barossa Fine Foods began in 1924, when a 15yr old Andres Knoll first learnt to make smallgoods in Munich. Fifteen years later, he opened his own shop but it was completely levelled in 1939 during WWII. He rebuilt after the war and in 1946, his nephew, Hans Knoll, started to learn to make the same products. Hans moved his family to Australia in 1957 and settled in Rapid Bay, South Australia, where he eventually found work as a smallgoods maker. It was not long before Hans opened his own shop called Bavaria Smallgoods.
A new category of drinks - Jukes are healthy, sophisticated, non-alcoholic drinks assembled around a core of organic apple cider vinegar.
Ponthier is a French company whose purpose is to select the best sources and varieties of fruit. Carefully sourced raw materials are then processed into frozen and chilled purées and coulis using artisanal expertise and methods to ensure their original quality is preserved. Ponthier's range is a premium range aimed at cocktail and patisserie professionals and more broadly at the hotel and restaurant industry as a whole.
PONS is a fourth generation family owned company specialized in the production and marketing of high quality Olive Oils and Mediterranean products. Their headquarters and estate farms are located in Lleida (west of Barcelona), Catalonia region (Spain).

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Quality is my obsession, uniqueness my passion, flavour my primary objective.
- Simon Johnson